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97% of Parents Recommend Whisbear

Last year, together with a parenting website, we conducted the Ultimate Test among Whisbear users. Now we have the results.

In just a few days, over 2,500 parents answered our call! Whisbears found 100 new homes, where the lucky winners could test the friendly grey bear.

The test results leave no doubts: Whisbear the Humming Bear is an invaluable aid for parents caring for their child’s calm sleep, and 97% of mothers confirm that!

A Nobel prize for the person who came up with Whisbear the Humming Bear idea!!!,” writes one of them. “It has so many advantages. First of all, the magnetized paws are great, because you can easily hang it on the bed. My child fell in love with it at once. She stops crying as soon as she hears the pink noise, I don’t need to rock her, I just tuck her in and she falls asleep.”

9 out of 10 mothers confirm that opinion. The Whisbear’s pink noise, a calming sound similar to white noise but softer and more beneficial for babies, reminds little ones of the environment they lived in for the nine months of pregnancy. That is why they feel safe, calm, and sleep more easily.

Over 88% of mothers find the CRYsensor feature very helpful because it allows Whisbear to automatically switch on when it detects crying. The mother of little Michele confirms CRYsensor’s usefulness:

My daughter’s sleep has become calmer, she sleeps longer, because – thanks to Whisbear’s CRYsensor – she doesn’t fully wake up, and the bear tries to put her back to sleep. At last we don’t need to use a hairdryer sound to shush her back to sleep.”

The tests showed that not only parents love Whisbear, but also the babies, for whom those are their first beloved cuddly toys. They squeeze the soft, rustling paws. They hug the nice, plush fabric. They observe with interest the contrasting colors of the ears and arms.

Whisbears are also famous for the high-quality fabrics and manufacturing, as confirmed by tests and certificates. In the Ultimate Test, 100% of parents confirmed the toy’s exceptional quality.

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