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The Prego Expo is the leading national pregnancy, parenting, and baby events. These shows are filled with knowledgeable vendors, experts, and lots of goodies that assist parents with “Before, During, and After the Bump.”

No wonder, thousands of parents-to-be and new parents attend each show to learn about new products that can make parenting a little easier.

Whisbear is thrilled to be part of Prego Expo, and attend the series in Tampa, FL (July 29, 2018), Phoenix, AZ (October 20, 2018), and Philadelphia, PA (September 30, 2018).

“You have only nine months to plan for this huge life-changing event. In that time, you need a pediatrician and a lactation consultant. You want to know which stroller to buy and whether or not you’ll need that expensive changing table! It can be overwhelming. We get it…because we have been there too,” said Sam and Juliana Geisler, the founders of Prego Expo, past stay-at-home moms and sisters-in-law.

“That’s why we have put together the most knowledgeable vendors, specialists, services, and products in one area. We want pregnant women to come in and learn something new or feel more settled in their planning,” added Sam and Juliana.

If you are planning to attend a Prego Expo, please stop by our booth to learn more about our products. A good, safe baby sound machine like Whisbear is a baby registry must-have and we are always happy to be at your service. We would love to meet you in person!

Learn more about Prego Expo at

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