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kocyk przytulanka mis
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Comfort Blanket from Whisbear®


Babies need to feel safe immediately after they’re born. It is the mother who provides that feeling. When she’s away, the cuddly blanket from Whisbear can replace her, for a little bit. Our comforter is your baby’s first cuddly toy and blanket in one.

We know the importance of familiar scent in the first days of life. Our comfort blanket is your baby’s first companion at home and when traveling. Thanks to it, your child can have their mother’s familiar scent near them. Hold the comforter close to your body. The baby, being able to smell your scent on the blanket, will feel safer during your short absence.
Easy to clean: you can wash it in the washing machine.
gray plush fabric combined with black-and-white striped material.
Length: 37 cm
Weight: 0.1 kg

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