Whisbear The Humming Bear | Whisbear
whisbear szumiąca zabawkamama przytala dziecko
whisbear szumiąca zabawka
mama przytala dziecko

Whisbear The Humming Bear


  • A cuddly sleep soother that helps babies fall asleep with the sound that reminds them of the mom’s womb
  • Unique pink noise – Whisbear emits pink noise, which is safer and more delicate than white noise
  • CrySensor – sensitive to babies’ crying, it analyzes surrounding sound and turns on automatically when needed
  • Sensory toy – a cuddly, washable toy that helps with babies’ motor skills development.
  • Secure magnets – designed for safety, magnets in the paws attach Whisbear to a crib or stroller

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