Bunny Cuddly Blanket


The Cuddly Blanket Bunny is your child’s very first companion, who cuddles the baby and protects them from cold. Absorbing the parent’s scent, it makes the child always feel safe.

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The blanket, made of safe, certified materials, is also a cuddly toy with the head of the Humming Bunny.

Black and white stripes on the inside fabric support the baby’s sensory development. Tied knots make attaching the favorite pacifier or teether easier, making this Whisbear product a multifunctional item.
Cuddly blanket bunny accompanies you at home and outside. The parent’s scent on the blanket increases the baby’s sense of security, whereever they are.


  • The cuddly toy can be safely machine-washed.


  • Length: 37 cm
  • Weight: 0.1 kg

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