Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Sloth E-zzy
Product description

E-zzy is a multi-functional parent's assistant that connects to the application on your phone.

It combines three devices in one:


Download the application and use all the functions of E-zzy the Sloth

SLEEP AID - lulls to sleep…

Adjust the following to your baby’s needs:

  • noise type
  • noise length
  • emitting noise at the selected time
  • function sensitivity (CRYsensor). CRYsensor – E-zzy automatically reacts to baby’s cry, turning on a calming noise;.


BABY MONITOR - watches over

By connecting with the application, E-zzy the Sloth gives you an opportunity to always watch your child's sleep over.

  • CRYalert – sends a notification to your phone when your baby starts crying (or another noise appears in the room) and turns on a soothing noise;
  • Sleep analysis – the application constantly monitors the operation of the device and allows you to assess the quality of your child's sleep at different noise settings;



Thanks to advanced algorithms combined with a large and reliable knowledge base, E-zzy does not only help with baby’s sleep but also assists parents every day and supports the development of their child:

  • Tips – receive information and advice adjusted to your child's age
  • Skills – follow your child's development, document their milestones, add and share photos
  • Calendar – plan medical appointments, vaccinations, important meetings


SMART Technology

The latest technology hidden in E-zzy allows you to do even more:

  • Find E-zzy – check where E-zzy connected to the application last time
  • Separation alarm – receive information when your phone goes out of E-zzy’s reach
  • USB charging
  • ECO mode - manage battery consumption
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