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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most regarding Whisbear before and after you have purchased it

1. Can I buy a Whisbear or E-zzy the Sloth in a retail shop?
Whisbear is available at Nordstrom, Barnes and Noble, BuyBuy Baby online, Amazon and many boutique stores.

E-zzy is available at Nordstrom.

2. What is the period of warranty you offer?
Whisbear is covered by the lifetime warranty 

3. Can the shushing mechanism be removed from my Whisbear?
Yes, the shushing device is removable.
PLEASE NOTE: the device is not a toy and can not be given to a baby or a child. Children should only play with Whisbear when the device has been safely removed.

4. What is Whisbear made of?
The Bear is made of soft and OEKO-TEX® attested fabrics. The stuffing used is Hypoallergenic.

5.  Are the batteries included?
For safety reasons Whisbear is sold without batteries. 

6.  How do I operate the device?
You will need 3 AAA batteries to operate the device. The battery compartment cover screw is inside the battery compartment. To open the compartment gently elevate the cover with a small screwdriver and remove the screw from inside. Place the batteries inside, put the cover back and tighten the screw.
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