Stroller Traffic: Put the Good into Goodnight

“Cracking baby’s sleep code can be one of the first major challenges parents face, you know, after the whole getting a human being out of your body thing.  Good sleep habits for babies and toddlers require a few things – a solid routine, a bit of luck … and a little help along the way.”   

This is how Stroller Traffic, a source for news and product recommendations for new moms, moms to be, and mothers of children under 3, describes baby naptime and nighttime struggles. We couldn’t have put it better and we are so proud that Whisbear The Humming Bear is the recommended product! Yes, it is Whisbear that takes care of the “help along way” part. 

Stroller Traffic drilled Rebecca Michi, children’s sleep expert on one of the sleep-related topics that parents are trying to crack – the sleep routine. Michi is our go-to expert and a wealth of knowledge about children’s bedtime issues. 

“We always want our bedtime routine to be nice and consistent, that means doing the same thing, in the same place, in the same order. The consistency and predictability is relaxing to your child as they know what will be happening next. Us humans find that relaxing, and the more relaxed your child is, the easier time they will have falling and remaining asleep. The brain will also have an easier time falling asleep as it knows that sleep is coming and is getting ready for sleep when you are working through your routine,”  said Michi. 

According to Michi, a bedtime routine should be between 20 and 45 minutes long, and should have at least four steps to it. For example, going into the bedroom, some relaxed play, massage, books, songs, feed, rocking. 

What about sleep aids? Yes, they could be a fantastic element of the bedtime routine. And this is where Whisbear comes in!

“If something makes it easier for your child to sleep, continue to use it! Plus, [a sleep aid like] Whisbear is so portable, it is easy to travel with,” said Michi. “Whisbear has a CRYsensor, meaning when it recognizes a cry, it will start up the pink noise again.  The noise starting again can actually help your child to soothe, stop crying, and fall back asleep. The Whisbear is portable, meaning it can be used at home, or in the car or stroller.”

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