How do humming toys work?

In the first weeks after birth, your baby instinctively searches for the situations it knew before. This leads to anxiety, stress and frequent crying or colic. That’s why it’s worth giving them the “fourth trimester” and gradually adapt the baby to live in our world, outside their mother’s womb.

A device inside Whisbear toys produces the safe pink noise, which reminds the baby of the friendly sounds they heard in the womb. Thanks to the noise, the baby relaxes and calms down.

It’s a solution recommended by pediatricians and midwives because it soothes babies and colic effects. It has the Mother and Child Institute certificate and the international safety TUV certificate The noise’s volume and duration can be adjusted to best suit your baby’s needs. After adjusting it to your baby’s needs, the noise relaxes your child and helps them fall asleep, filtering out environmental sounds.

Cuddly toys from Whisbear have different types of humming devices: some are operated with just one button, others are controlled with an application on your phone.

The Humming Bunny and Humming Fox, after starting, produce pink noise for 40 minutes. Soft Start/Soft Stop functions gradually increase and decrease the sound volume. A functional clip and the toy’s small size make them the perfect traveling companion. You can easily change its place without worrying that it will get lost.

Whisbird the Soothing Bird is also equipped with a one-button device that produces the noise for 40 minutes. A practical strap allows you to attach it to the bed or in the pram.

Humming Bears and Bunnies, as well as the Sensory Whisbear, have the unique CRYsensor feature. How does it work?  It analyses the ambient noise and it is especially sensitive to baby’s crying, so Whisbear® automatically begins to hum when it is really needed. After 40 minutes of shushing, Whisbear® gently reduces the sound volume and switches into standby mode. In this period your baby enters the deep sleep stage. When Whisbear® recognizes crying or sounds indicate that the baby is waking, the device reacts and switches the soothing noise back on. Twenty minutes after the baby falls asleep, the bear again goes into the standby mode. The device inside the toy can be switched on or off manually, too.

You can also access the device remotely and control the humming with the Whisbear App installed on your phone. With Bluetooth technology, you can also connect the app to our most advanced toy: E-zzy the Sloth, which produces as many as three types of noise: white, pink, and sea waves. The app allows you to choose the humming’s duration: from 90 minutes to continuous.


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