Dear Parents! This is us – the girls behind Whisbear!

Our mission from the beginning was and is to support young parents – as mums ourselves, we were initially completely lost, we often felt helpless, unprepared for the role of a parent. We were particularly bothered by the lack of sleep and that is why our flagship products are the Humming Cuddly Toys which help babies to calm down and fall asleep. We promote the idea of IMPERFECT parenting. We know that although parenting is a beautiful adventure, there are many unforeseen twists and turns, and moments of doubt – this is where we, at Whisbear, want to support you, parents.

We are young mothers and we have also tested the effectiveness of pink noise as an answer to children’s crying and parents’ frustration on our own children. It all started with the vibrant sound of the hairdryer, which more than 11 years ago soothed the crying of the first son of Zuzia Sielicka-Kalczyńska – the co-founder of Whisbear. This noise transformed a difficult parenting experience and a struggle with painful colic into an idea for the first Polish Whisbear Humming Cuddly Toy. Three years later, we introduced the world to the Whisbear Humming Bear, now known as the Whisbear Sensory Humming Bear, which quickly became a recognized, recommended, certified and award-winning product, and Whisbear became a globally recognized brand.

Whisbear is the only company in Poland to receive a Positive Opinion from the Polish Institute of Mother and Child, which is a guarantee of product safety. We were also honoured as one of the most entrepreneurial young women in the world at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, held under the patronage of Barack Obama, the then US President. Even Duchess Kate, who received a Humming Bear from our team after the birth of Princess Charlotte, trusts The Whisbear brand and a few years later awarded us with the “Warsaw-London Bridge. Health Tech Award”.

We are here for you, making sure that every Whisbear product you invite into your home meets all your expectations and takes care of your little one’s peaceful sleep.

Thank you for trusting us!

Julia & Zuzia & the Whisbear team

Zuzanna Sielicka-Kalczyńska


“Co-founder and CEO of Whisbear, an imperfect mother of four. They inspired her to create a company that cares for the peaceful sleep of the youngest. Zuzia adores Palo Santo in every form, she is a thinker, loves the sea, the Hel Peninsula in particular. It is there, in a trailer, that she spends her family holidays every year. That is when she reads, hums her favourite songs, practices yoga on the beach and recharges her batteries for the next (school) year. Whenever she has the opportunity, she talks about the diversity she promotes, also as the co-initiator of the Like No Other Campaign. “

Julia Sielicka-Jastrzębska


Co-founder of Whisbear and pioneer of its technological solutions. She loves big and small trips and is a mother of two – nine-year-old Emilka and six-year-old Kazik. She cannot sit still in one place. When she travels, she feels alive. She loves exploring new places, both in Poland and around the world. A cinema enthusiast (she is a film expert by education) who will not resist a sweet romantic comedy. She closely follows Elon Musk’s actions, infecting the Whisbear team with her cosmic, extremely creative ideas.

Marta Szczepanik

Marketing / Social Media

She is constantly looking for the best solutions to enable all the Whisbear Humming Cuddly Toys to support as many parents as possible. She writes, produces and creates. In the world of baby equipment and children’s innovations, she is in her element. Privately, a mother of two daughters, 13-year-old Klaudia and 20-year-old Wiktoria. She rushes and flies through life, focusing on what is good. After hours she walks, runs, works out at the gym, breathes consciously and bakes the most delicious meringue in the world. Whenever she can, she escapes the city and spends time with her loved ones, dreaming of travels into the unknown.

Ania Dufour

Marketing / Social Media (France)

In love with France, mother of eight-year-old Wiktoria and three-year-old Karol. She loves travelling and Asian cuisine. In her free time, she reads all kinds of biographies and war reportages. She loves good cinema, meetings with friends and long evening walks.

Ania Król

Customer Service B2B i B2C

A fan of work-life-balance, in which she manages to find herself despite the crazy rhythm of the day driven by her two daughters, five-year-old Zuzia and three-year-old Helenka. In her free time, she cooks (which she loves!) and goes for walks with her friends. Long conversations with them give her a moment to relax and find herself in the fast-paced everyday life.

Agata Borychowska

Logistic / Administration

A lover of the Bieszczady Mountains and long mountain hikes with friends – a mother of two teenagers, 13-year-old Olga and 17-year-old Janek. In her free time, she runs, swims and tries to take care of her physical activity. Her fondness for Asian countries manifests itself in her exotic cuisine. She infects the whole team with this passion during our monthly cooking parties.

Emilia Pławska

Photography / Product Graphics

Always smiling mum of Kostek and carer of her beloved pets. She loves spending time at the seaside, cycling and meeting with her friends. A creative soul who inspires the team to original and brave solutions.

Marysia Biskup

E-commerce / WWW

“Passionate about the digital world, technological innovations and personal development.In her free time, she sings and plays instruments. On stage, she is really in her element. A fan of active leisure, especially hiking in the mountains and long-distance backpacking trips.”

Agnieszka Szmigiel

Marketing / E-commerce

Mum to six-year-old Oliver, owner of four dogs, one cat and over a hundred fish. A fan of all technological novelties that make life easier and of the Whisbear Humming Bear, which has been putting her son to sleep since he was born. She loves books, likes to return to Andrzej Sapkowski and Terry Pratchett the most. Whenever she has a chance, she listens to music on the speaker cranked up to maximum, singing her favourite songs.

Agnieszka Leo-Sielicka

Editor / Customer Service

She loves getting together with her large family. She especially enjoys celebrating her children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays and Christmas. She loves the Polish sea (especially Hel) and long walks on the beach. She is addicted to reading books in English. When not reading, she listens to classical music. She likes travelling and visiting big cities.


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