E-zzy is One of its Kind!

We couldn’t have been more excited last October when we were introducing a new addition to Whisbear family, E-zzy the Sloth – a unique, multi-functional and high-quality app-operated parent assistant, baby monitor and sleep soother in one! We absolutely love E-zzy but we know we can be slightly biased ;) so we couldn’t wait to read and share with you his first reviews… and this is what influencers have to say about E-zzy.

Laura from @theforestfox says: “Hands up if you use sleep aids! Alfie has never, I repeat, NEVER slept through the night. He has always been a light sleeper and so we need all the help we can get. Our go to is ALWAYS white noise in the form of Whisbear, Whisbird and now, E-zzy the Sloth. E-zzy is super special though because you can control him using an app on your phone. Alfie loves him, and so do I. Thank you Whisbear for letting us add E-zzy to our sleep routine!”



Hannah from @chaus_adventure “I feel the luckiest mum in the world because Jacob has been pretty much sleeping through the night for a month now. I finall feel human again! What we did differently this month was introduce Whisbear products when we put him down between 9-10pm. The pink noise really helps settle him into a deeper sleep. Then dream-feed at 12am and he’ll sleep till 7-8am! The new E-zzy the Sloth is an awesome product! It connects to your phone via an app which turns it into a baby monitor and a sleep tracker!”



Megan from @life_with_the_austins and Dean from @dad_life_the_austins were one of the first ones to test E-zzy and this is what they say: “Thought we would give you an update now, we have been using E-zzy for a little while. Can’t express how amazing the technology is! I still think it’s mad how you don’t need to even press him on, just open the app and there you go! I have him set to play for 60 minutes once I put her to bed and the cry sensor on as Hallie has been waking a lot these last few night (more teeth coming). One of the things I’m loving is the advice it gives you! If you are like me sat up in bed at 3am, googling what can I do to help her sleep it’s nice to have some tips/advice on hand! So far so good!”



@daddy_davies shares “Meet Sid, E-zzy the Sloth from Whisbear… the control from the app makes life a lot easier and the cry sensor works a dream! The app is great and has so many features, too many to tell you about so go and check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.”

Sheena from @sdsison_x loves E-zzy’s CRYsensor and CRYalert functions and declares: “Thanks God for Cruz’s new bedtime buddy, E-zzy the sloth from @whisbear_official  he’s helped all of us get a peaceful night’s sleep. E-zzy is not only a soft toy but a baby monitor, sleep helper and a parent’s assistant. My favourite function is E-zzy’s CRYsensor which automatically reacts to Cruz’s crying by turning on a calming noise and sending an alert to my phone. How cool is that? You can use all the functions and control him all on an app on your phone. Amazing right!”



It sounds like E-zzy the Sloth has conquered the hearts of bloggers. They love his versatility, the fact you can operate him from the app on the phone, all advice and tips it gives you, but above all else his calming, soothing sounds that help babies settle!

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