Life at the Biltons: E-zzy the Sloth – Finley’s Little Sleep Saviour

Laura from Life at the Biltons blog  knows Whisbear products well and has been using Whisbear the Humming Bear  for over three years now, since her first son, Noah was born. Recently, E-zzy the Sloth joined the Biltons family to help his little brother, Finley settle and sleep peacefully. Read her review to find out more.

After playing around and using E-zzy for almost a month now we love it and its new smart features! It’s linked up to an app on your phone which you can use to control a huge number of things such as the volume, play time settings, the type of noise it plays, we like using pink noise here but there are a few to choose from, also like the Whisbear, E-zzy has the cry sensor which you can activate from the app or the device which means once he’s stopped playing the white noise he’ll sit and listen out for signs of your baby stirring or crying  and then will begin to play the noise again! Perfect! You also get a notification to your phone to alert you that E-zzy has started up again so you know your little one might be waking.

You can set up a profile too for your little one so it can give you information and tips about what to expect from your baby at their current age which is fab and so informative it’s like your own little personal assistant and also has a calendar feature to plan in any important dates and appointments for them!

The sloth is also charged via a USB and uses rechargeable batteries which will save us a fortune as we’ve gone through hundreds of batteries. I’m sure between toys and other devices sothe fact that you can recharge this between naps or night time means you’re saving money too!

Finley also loves the fact that E-zzy is a sensory toy as he’s super soft and his arms and legs have bright patterns on and some crinkle and make sound as he feels them so he’ll sit for ages exploring it!

E-zzy has 100% helped improve Finley’s sleep and definitely helps him settle off for the nap and the night which is perfect when you’ve got a noisy toddler running around as soon as he hears the sloth he really calms down and starts to rub his eyes as he knows it’s time for a sleep with his new best friend! We’re loving having him in our family and Finley does too!

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E-zzy is One of its Kind!

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