Rachael Frances: Two under Three

Being a mama to two under three can be challenging. Balancing your attention between a baby and a toddler can be an art itself. On the one hand (literally!), you have got a newborn who wants to be constantly close to you to feel safe and secure. On the other hand, an energetic toddler who might feel jealous and conflicted about a new sibling and needs time to adjust to a new life. But this is a perfect moment for the Whisbear to move in and work his magic!

Rachael from rachaelfrances.com blog is telling us how our Whisbear made their family life slightly easier:


Ok, so now onto if I like the bear or not. So I’ve used the bear every day since I received it. At first Jesse didn’t really need anything to pacify him as he was still in the early newborn phase where he just needed me & my smell to settle him down. As much as I loved that, it just wasn’t always practical to do with a toddler running riot & also needing constant attention, this I where the Whisbear came in. I would lay Jesse in his sleepy head, which would be inside his basket or snuzpod, and place the Whisbear securely on the side so he could see it and also hear it and ‘voila’, within seconds he would calm down & be drifting off into a peaceful sleep! What more could a mama want!  



But that’s not all the bear does! It has a revolutionary aid that when your baby cries, within the first 3 hours of the bear finishing his white noise (that lasts for 40 minuts) he will automatically turn on the white noise to soothe your baby off to sleep again without you having to get up & do it yourself. I LOVE this bit of technology! It’s been a total life saver sometimes. Sometimes when Jude and Jesse are sleeping in the day, I take the odd bath (if I’m lucky) & if Jesse starts to whine for his dummy or just for some reassurance that he’s not alone, the Whisbear switches on & soothes him back off to sleep, meaning I get an extra 20 minutes in the bath & Jesse gets some more beauty sleep…winning all round. 



For the full review click here: https://rachaelfrances.com/2018/02/03/whisbear/

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