Rebecca Balcombe, Midwife

As a Midwife and mother of 3, I know only too well the importance of post-baby sleep.

When I first heard about the use of white noise in settling babies and getting them off to sleep I was sceptical to say the least. But my years of professional practice, coupled with my hands on experience of my own children, have taught me to be open minded and to try anything where a baby’s sleep is concerned! I soon learned from both friends and clients that a lot of babies find white noise incredibly soothing and for some lucky parents this is all that was needed to send their little bundles of joy off into a deep and peaceful slumber.

The arrival of my second baby led me to discover the old favourite: the hairdryer. There I was one night, drying my hair in my bedroom with my newborn son, wide awake and cooing in the Moses basket beside me. I looked down a couple of minutes later and to my amazement he was fast asleep! This soon became a nightly ritual! The only problem being that I had to turn the hairdryer on every time he woke up which did make me look and feel a little crazy! What I needed was something that I could leave on when I went out of the room. And what should I find just in time for the arrival of baby number 3?! The wonderful Whisbear!

Many of my clients describe the need for silence in the house to prevent anyone waking or startling the baby (we all know how frustrating that pesky Moro reflex is!). My advice is always the same – try to get the baby used to noise as soon as possible to enable them to sleep calmly through everyday sounds. Whisbear’s ingenious design does just that – it helps babies to familiarise themselves with background noise whilst being soothed to sleep. It all makes sense really – babies have spent 9 months on the inside, being comforted by all of the interesting noises that come from your heart, your digestive tract and from people talking on the “outside” – they’re not used to silence.

Whisbear is small and light enough to be portable and it has an adjustable volume so you can tailor it to your own baby’s needs. It is also just the right size for developing little hands to be able to play with and has lovely colours and magnets to keep your bambino entertained!

For any new parents who are in need of a few extra hours of sleep (and who isn’t?!) this ingenious baby toy is definitely worth a try!

Abi Thompson, Sleep Expert
How to Use White Noise Safely

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